Title: Artificial Voice Assessment Framework Project ID: xY12L36 Domain(s): Systems Engineering,Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning Description: Artificial voice technology has become very popular in global media communications, social media, and corporate strategies. The ability to generate and leverage artificial voice is now a commodity market, using both commercial and open source tools that allow users to quickly develop their own tailored voice in many languages. While these latest voice advancements are impressive, users can detect the robotic, non-human sounding tones and inflections. This is a major challenge to artificial voice technologies. This project will help determine whether the generated voice is natural and realistic using automated assessments to accelerate adoption and assist developers. Desired Skills: AI, assessment criteria development, open source research, software development


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Targeted Students: Undergrad,Grad Team Size: 2 to 4 Details: Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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