Title: Design of a Decision Support Tool for Airport Climate Related Flood Risk
Project ID: 6gxUP9
Domain(s): Aerospace,Systems Engineering


A large number of airports across the country tend to be near large bodies of water. Given that sea levels are expected to rise in the next decades, airports need data-driven models and tools that will allow them to deal with this new challenge as they keep to provide air traffic services.

Desired Skills:
Systems Engineering


US Citizenship Required: No
Active Clearance or Background Investigation Required: No
Level Needed:

Team Information-

Targeted Students: Undergrad
Team Size: 2 to 4
Details: 2-4 students from GMU Systems Engineering – Senior Design Capstone Project

Specific Requirements-

Focus on Particular University: Yes
Details: George Mason University – Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research


Focus Timeline: Yes
Details: Beginning in September and ending in May


Potential Funding:No
Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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