Title: Resilient Decentralized Data Feeds
Project ID: vsEgJ6
Domain(s): Cybersecurity,Data Science,Systems Engineering


This project will demonstrate how to build a resilient and decentralized (RESDEC) workflow using peer-to-peer decentralized operation and data storage approaches implemented in nodes. RESDEC Workflows is how independent actors collaborate and perform functions of high interest to national security and defense. RESDEC is being explored as a technical foundation for future generations of decentralized data technology.

The RESDEC Workflow Node Pool consists of seven decentralized nodes which are capable of exchanging workflow data. Nodes have a common base (and tailorable) peer-to-peer interface to advertise, request, and use, data. The nodes form a RESDEC Mesh which can store node data (decentralized storage) needed to re-instantiate a node if killed. Workflows can be initiated by an external agent. The RESDEC Mesh thus remembers how to re-instantiate nodes which are lost.

The RESDEC Workflow demonstration shall show: (a) an external agent creates a RESDEC workflow using 5 of the 7 nodes; (b) kill one of the nodes; (c) replace the killed node with a ‘spare’ node, re-instantiating configuration from previously stored configuration backed up/ stored throughout the mesh.

Goal: Inform others how a resilient workflow can be built using peer-to-peer decentralized operation and decentralized data storage approaches.

Desired Skills:
Decentralized data technologies (e.g., blockchain, decentralized identity, storage [IPFS], and more)
Peer-to-peer protocols


US Citizenship Required: No
Active Clearance or Background Investigation Required: No
Level Needed:

Team Information-

Targeted Students: Grad,Undergrad
Team Size: 2 to 4
Details: Should be suitable for 2-4 developers. Might be possible for one highly motivated developer with sufficient time to devote.

Specific Requirements-

Focus on Particular University: No


Focus Timeline: Yes
Details: May 2023


Potential Funding:No
Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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