Title: Empirical Study of Authentication Methods; Is it time to do away with Passwords?
Project ID: 4cfJm15
Domain(s): Cybersecurity,Data Science,Economics and Cost Analysis,Multidisciplinary,Systems Engineering


The purpose of this project would be to conduct a study of nuanced authentication mechanisms that have arisen as alternatives to traditional authentication methods such as password and physical tokens (i.e. SSO, Biometrics, PINS, Mobile Tokens), and to do an economic analysis of how these methods compare to the drawbacks and deficiencies of password authentication. This would involve research and review into the meta of traditional authentication (i.e. how are they implemented, secured, design decisions), and quantitative research and analysis to support conclusions drawn and recommendations, and analysis of implications such as privacy, accessibility, and economics of adoption.

Desired Skills:
Information Security
Cybersecurity Analytics
Networking and Protocols
Data Governance
Risk Analysis
Statistical Research Methods


US Citizenship Required: No
Active Clearance or Background Investigation Required: No
Level Needed:

Team Information-

Targeted Students: Grad,Undergrad
Team Size: 2 to 4
Details: Would be ideal to have this spearheaded by 1-2 graduate students or seniors and to have undergraduates assist in literature review and statistical analysis. This would be a good fit for students at the intersection of Computer Science, Business IT, and Economic Implications of Cybersecurity.

Specific Requirements-

Focus on Particular University: Yes
Details: Virginia Tech
*Hume Center
*Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics
*Department of Computer Science
*Department of Business Information Technology
*Integrated Security Research Center
*Possible professor collaborators: Idris Adjerid, Wade Baker, Anthony Vance, Danfeng Yao, Alan Michaels


Focus Timeline: No


Potential Funding:No
Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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