Improving MITRE’s operational sustainability means evaluating our resource use, identifying where we can do better, and committing to the behavioral changes necessary to handle waste more responsibly and efficiently.

Our overarching goal, with your help, is to divert as many materials as possible from landfills and incinerators— reducing MITRE’s waste output, reusing materials where possible, and recycling and composting whenever we can.


[Opportunity to place the Oscar Sort, paper use and compost dashboards here]

Resource Efficiency

MITRE’s resource efficiency campaign encourages improved waste sorting, safe e-waste recycling and disposal, and integrating recycling strategies into employees’ daily lives to make smarter, more sustainable resource use choices.

Food Sustainability

Whether it’s improving waste sorting for MITRE’s on-campus composting programs or working with our food services partner to offer more locally-sourced and sustainable menu options, our food sustainability campaign is working to reduce the environmental impact of organic waste.