Water Conservation


A more sustainable world depends on safe and reliable access to clean water. We can lead the way at MITRE campuses through systems-focused solutions to reduce our impact on local watersheds. At the same time, conserving water also reduces our water and sewer bills, wastewater treatment costs, and energy use for pumping, heating and treating water.

Green Sites

Indoors, the MITRE facilities team is assessing water use across our activities and programs to help guide efficiency solutions. MITRE is moving toward water conservation strategies that connect our behavior with improved technologies by adopting efficient appliances, maintaining consistent water temperatures, and encouraging more efficient use of water-intensive machinery. Employees can also take advantage of dispensers that provide municipal water filtered through charcoal filters across our campuses.

Conserving water use isn’t limited to indoor systems. MITRE conserves stormwater and prevents runoff through the use of rooftop cisterns and water-retaining landscaping. Limiting runoff reduces the amount of water diverted from local watersheds, improves our own water conservation efforts, and incorporates smarter resource management into facilities planning.

By using rain harvesting for irrigation, incorporating rain gardens and green infrastructure into landscape design, and planting native species with an eye toward water retention, MITRE campuses can improve outdoor water use while benefiting local wildlife.

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Civic Time Activities

Your involvement in water conservation doesn’t have to stop when the workday does. MITRE is proud to offer Civic Time to make it even easier to give back to the community through protecting, preserving, and conserving waterways.

The opportunities below are just a starting point—when it comes to water conservation, there’s no shortage of local and community-based organizations with a commitment to stewardship, problem-solving and service that mirror our values at MITRE.

Get Involved

Get Involved Anywhere

Justserve.org — If you don’t see an opportunity of interest listed here, or you work further afield than MITRE’s Bedford and McLean locations, JustServe offers a search engine to locate volunteer opportunities near you.

Get Involved in Bedford

OARS — Dedicated to protecting, improving, and preserving the Asssabet, Sudbury, and Concord Rivers, this nonprofit offers volunteer opportunities from water sample gathering and invasive species removal to community outreach programs.


Nashua River Watershed Association — Volunteer with the NRWA to help track water quality, protect wildlife, and reduce invasive plant species along the Nashua River.

Find your local stormwater coalition — These regional groups represent over 90 towns in Massachusetts, and are a great starting point for connecting you with the resources and programs available in your town:

Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition

Merrimack Valley Stormwater Collaborative

Neoponset Stormwater Partnership

Northern Middlesex Stormwater Collaborative

Connecticut River Stormwater Committee

North and South Rivers Watershed Association

Get Involved in McLean

Potomac River Watershed Cleanup — With the option to join an already-scheduled cleanup or organize your own, there’s no shortage of opportunities to protect area waterways and the ecosystem around it.

Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Workshops — For the DIY-enthusiasts among us, the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District offers workshops to build your own rain barrel throughout the year. *This activity is not eligible for Civic Leave

DC RiverSmart — These programs to reduce stormwater runoff through the District’s Department of Energy and the Environment provide site evaluations, up-front funding, rebates and/or discounts for steps you take to protect and conserve water on your property. *This activity is not eligible for Civic Leave

Montgomery County (MD) RainScapes — Offering technical and financial assistance for homeowners looking to adopt runoff mitigation strategies, RainScapes provides MoCo residents a path to improve your home and promote better water management strategies in the community.

Before signing up, please note that all Civic Time hours must be preapproved through the appropriate channels—the opportunities above are suggestions at this time. As MITRE continues to expand employee engagement in water conservation and watershed preservation, we’re looking forward to hearing from you about the best possible programs.

Water Conservation Resources

The resources below offer a variety of strategies and suggestions to maximize your impact through water conservation outside of MITRE’s campuses—wherever you choose to start, there’s a wide range of steps you can take indoors and out to reduce your water use.