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Jonathan Rotner is a human-centered technologist who helps program managers, algorithm developers, and operators appreciate technology’s impact on human behavior. He works to increase communication and trust when working with automated processes.

Ron Hodge is a national security strategist who provides strategic and technical leadership across multiple disciplines. He focuses on early identification of disruptive technologies and acts on opportunities to conceptualize and deploy new ideas to address the hardest challenges facing our nation.

Dr. Lura Danley is an applied psychologist who uses psychology-based principles and scientific methods to bridge gaps between human behavior, cybersecurity and technology. She specializes in providing research-based insights and data-driven analysis to address critical national security challenges.

Stan Drozdetski is the Service Manager for the MITRE Partnership Network, and helped coordinate the production of the AI Fails web site.

John Ursino is senior Graphic Designer for the enterprise UX team. He specializes in providing conceptual graphical solutions and human interface design for MITRE’s internal web collections.

Emma Williams uses her extensive coding and web design knowledge to create tailored web based solutions to support MITRE’s mission.

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