MITRE@Work Alexa Skill

What is the MITRE@Work Alexa skill?

Thank you for helping to test this limited rate production (LRP) feature! The MITRE@Work Alexa skill is a companion for the MITRE@Work mobile app that you can use on your personal Alexa speaker (e.g. Echo, Dot, Show) for quick access to MITRE information.


Say Alexa*, ask MITRE@Work...

  • What’s the news?
  • Did I fill out my timecard?

*or your alternate wake word


How do I set up my Alexa speaker with the MITRE@Work skill?

The skill is managed and distributed via MITRE’s Alexa For Business account.

Installation steps

  1. Sign up via this form to participate in the LRP. Your personal Amazon ID is the one that is used to log into your Alexa speaker during the setup process, usually an email address.
  2. Wait for an email invitation from Alexa For Business and click on the link inside to enable the skill.
  3. Download the Amazon Alexa app (available in the App Store and Play Store). This app lets you configure and control all your Alexa devices.
  4. In the app, after logging in using your personal Amazon ID, navigate to the More menu (appearing at the bottom right) and the skill should appear in Skills & Games -> Your Skills -> Private as shown in the screenshot below:

    After tapping on the skill, tap on the “Enable to use” button, if it’s not already enabled.


  5. Next, link your MITRE account.

    Tap on the Settings button on the skill page, to get to Skill Settings where you will see “Link Account”.



  6. Tap on Link Account to launch MITRE’s login page, which uses your MITRE credentials.

     image image

    On successful login, you can start using the various commands listed below.

Give it a try!

When you have the skill activated on your personal Alexa speaker (e.g. Echo, Dot, Show), you can use the voice commands below.

For the latest updates on available commands for the commands mentioned above and more variations on wordings, please visit this page from your MITRE phone or laptop:

Alexa, ask MITRE@Work…


  • When my next meeting is today (or on {date})? (You can also set a reminder for your next meeting.)
  • If I have a meeting today (or on {date}) with {name}?
  • If there is any opening on my calendar today (or on {date})?
  • If I have any free time on my calendar today (or on {date})?


  • If I filled out my timecard today (or on {date})?
  • What is my current PTOB balance?
  • Am I reaching my PTOB max limit?
  • Z-time, how much do I need to make up?


  • Get my actions


  • What’s the news


Q: What are best practices for privacy on smart speakers?

A: Voice assistants are being used more often in personal and professional settings. From Alexa / Echo Dot and Siri to smart watches and other devices, voice assistants can offer
advantages and convenience. However, they may also be a source of privacy and organizational risk if not configured and used properly. The best practices presented here, by the Center for Data Privacy and Protection (CDP2), can help reduce that risk and prevent unintended listening, recording, and usage of MITRE or sponsor related conversations, data, or requests.

  • Disable or turn off device when having sensitive
    conversations (press the microphone button)
  • Do not divulge personal information about others
  • Do not enable “Always” listening mode
  • Consider your proximity to other devices in the vicinity of your conversations
  • Keep personal and work requests separate (e.g., “wake” word triggers temporary recording)
  • During meetings that are sensitive in nature, ask attendees to disable their devices
  • Do not speak about sponsor projects while devices
    are in listening mode
  • Be sure that you apply these practices for both in-person and virtual settings

Q: What security practices have been put in place to ensure information does not leak to outside entities or that this becomes an exploitation point for an adversary?

A: For the purposes of this LRP, we have undergone a preliminary InfoSec and privacy review and will re-evaluate at the end of the pilot. The Alexa skill uses MITRE’s login to authenticate the user before allowing them to access their personal enterprise information. We are only surfacing a limited subset of data currently available through MITRE@Work app at this time.

Q: Should the MITRE@Work skill function when not connected to VPN on the mobile phone?

A: MITRE@Work Alexa skill does not require a VPN connection. Once set up, it should work as expected on your personal Alexa device and the Alexa app on your personal or MITRE-provided phone.

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Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited.  Public Release Case Number 21-4014.