Title: Enterprise-level Intelligent Automation (IA)
Project ID: 7vMf414
Domain(s): Artificial Intelligence


Implementing isolated pockets of intelligent automation seems feasible for government organizations. However, little work appears to exist detailing the processes and methods required to scale Intelligent Automation at the enterprise level. Potential activities to address MITRE’s need include: Identify technology maturity required for BPM, RPA, and AI to scale to enterprise level Identify strategies for integrating complementary BPM, RPA, and AI technologies Identify potential ROI measures for end-to-end Intelligent Automation implementation at scale Create a framework for scaling Intelligent Automation to an enterprise level This project will provide MITRE with rigorous research and methods to encourage widespread IA use.

Desired Skills:
Business Operations, Software Development, RPA, Basic AI understanding


US Citizenship Required: No
Active Clearance or Background Investigation Required: No
Level Needed:

Team Information-

Targeted Students: Grad
Team Size: 1
Details: 1-2 Students

Specific Requirements-

Focus on Particular University: No


Focus Timeline: No


Potential Funding:No
Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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