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Considering a potential relationship between the opioid crisis and domestic violent extremism (DVE)Research finds that “Factors that underpin despair can make people more susceptible to extremist ideologies and create entire geographies that are prone to radicalization.” Simultaneously, DVEs have developed propaganda related …, , Grad2 to 4Nodata-science healthcare-and-life-sciences multidisciplinary
Design of a Decision Support Tool for Airport Climate Related Flood RiskA large number of airports across the country tend to be near large bodies of water. Given that sea levels are expected to rise in the next decades, airports need …, Undergrad2 to 4Noaerospace systems-engineering
Successful Project ManagementProject Management across technology projects derives greater challenges due to the complexity of projects at MITRE and other similar organizations. Use current project management methodology to streamline and curate options …Undergrad5 or MoreNosystems-engineering
Improving USPS Service Equity Through Emerging TechnologiesIn recent years, the U.S. Postal Service has seen staffing shortages coupled with increased package volume which contributed to service delays and poor customer experience. The idea is to develop …, , , , Undergrad,Grad2 to 4Noautonomy data-science economics-and-cost-analysis multidisciplinary systems-engineering
Resilient Decentralized Data FeedsImplement: Pool of seven decentralized nodes with workflow through the nodes by passing data feeds. Nodes have a peer-to-peer interface to advertise, request, and use, data feeds. Workflows connect five …, , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Nocybersecurity data-science systems-engineering
Functional Decomposition of a SynBio WorkflowThe purpose of this project is to functionally decompose a nested, synthetic biology workflow for engineering a task-agnostic organism. The output of this decomposition should be a detailed process model …, , , Grad,Undergrad5 or MoreNobiomedical-engineering-with-uva healthcare-and-life-sciences multidisciplinary systems-engineering
Measuring Channel Capacity Using Machine Learning for Evaluation of Radio ReceiversMeasuring channel capacity across non-AWGN channels is quite challenging as there is often not a closed form solution for fading channels. Several different methods have been proposed to estimate mutual …Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Nomachine-learning
Nefarious Mobile Phone Proximity AlertsThe Vormund Company, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, sells an app that purports to track burner phones used in proximity to customers’ family members or business travelers. Burner phones (BP) …, , , , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Noartificial-intelligence cybersecurity data-science machine-learning multidisciplinary
Artificial Voice Assessment FrameworkArtificial voice technology has become very popular in global media communications, social media, and corporate strategies. The ability to generate and leverage artificial voice is now a commodity market, using …, , Undergrad,Grad2 to 4Noartificial-intelligence machine-learning systems-engineering
Ultra-dense Graph RepresentationsMany critical problems in national security, cybersecurity, and beyond can be best represented by graphs. While there is growing number graph databases that can scale linearly they are largely focused …, Grad2 to 4Nocybersecurity systems-engineering
Remote MITRE Institute Classes for StudentsThis project is focused on imparting learning from a real-world standpoint. The idea is simple to enable students (both undergraduate and graduate students) in their early years of college to …Grad,Undergrad5 or MoreNomultidisciplinary
Assessing Validity of Digitally Published InformationThe objective of the is capstone is to devise innovative and improved concepts for assessing the validity of digitally published information. This will require initially assessing strengths and weakness of …, Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Noartificial-intelligence data-science
Remote Sensing of ContrailsTransportation contributes significantly to anthropogenically-propelled climate change, especially when considering secondary events such as the generation of contrails from airplanes. Contrails affect incoming shortwave radiation and outgoing longwave radiation, perpetuating …, , , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Noaerospace data-science multidisciplinary systems-engineering
Nonstationary Extensions to Spectral Separation CoefficientsThe spectral separation coefficient is widely used in the Satnav performance analysis in the presence of interference such as jamming. Analytical results generally assume stationary or cyclostationary signals so that …, Grad,Undergrad1Noaerospace multidisciplinary