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Ultra-dense Graph RepresentationsMany critical problems in national security, cybersecurity, and beyond can be best represented by graphs. While there is growing number graph databases that can scale linearly they are largely focused …, Grad2 to 4Nocyber se
Successful Project ManagementProject Management across technology projects derives greater challenges due to the complexity of projects at MITRE and other similar organizations. Use current project management methodology to streamline and curate options …Undergrad5 or MoreNose
Analytic Development through Capability Abstraction of ATT&CK TechniquesResearch one or more ATT&CK Techniques using the “Capability Abstraction” approach used by SpectreOps to identify low-variance behaviors or “chokepoints” associated with those Techniques, and develop analytics and associated data …Undergrad,Grad2 to 4Nocyber
An Experiential Demonstration of the Benefits of Robotics Process AutomationWhen leaders or users face an opportunity to implement new technologies to improve their organizations, they often cannot imagine the impact of the change. This capstone seeks to create an …, , , , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Noartificial-intelligence healthcare and-machine-learning multidisciplinary se
Intelligent Automation Research SurveyThere is much discussion and hype surrounding intelligent automation currently. It would be incredibly informative to understand the types and amount of academic research that has been conducted on intelligent …Grad1Noartificial-intelligence
Enterprise-level Intelligent Automation (IA)Implementing isolated pockets of intelligent automation seems feasible for government organizations. However, little work appears to exist detailing the processes and methods required to scale Intelligent Automation at the enterprise …Grad1Noartificial-intelligence
Empirical Study of Authentication Methods; Is it time to do away with Passwords?The purpose of this project would be to conduct a study of nuanced authentication mechanisms that have arisen as alternatives to traditional authentication methods such as password and physical tokens …, , , , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Nocyber datascience econ multidisciplinary se
Applying ML/AI To Data Management Lifecycle FunctionsPotential goals to consider: Streamline data tagging to increase turnaround time for discovery, orchestrate metadata between search technology tools, data management tools, and other prevalent technologies, and determine typical uses …Grad5 or MoreNodatascience
Detection of Insider Threat through OSINTExpand the research that started with the original research started in the peer-reviewed article: “A Survey of Unintentional Insider Threat Category”, which is published at Conduct a literature review …, , , Grad,Undergrad2 to 4Noartificial-intelligence cyber and-machine-learning multidisciplinary