Title: PIREP Smart Solicitation PIREP Airspace of Interest
Project ID: 2SC9V18


This capstone project would part of a larger project and not a project unto itself. The project entails processing of atmospheric model data to generate 3-D volumes of airspace that represent hazardous levels of turbulence, icing, convection, ceiling and visibility variables. The team consists of a data scientist, GIS specialist and requires someone with detailed knowledge of atmospheric model data and how to apply and analyze that data.

Desired Skills:
We need a graduate student/program well versed in the understanding, application and processing, of NWS grided atmospheric model data such as HRRR, RRFS or GFA. They need to be able to apply the principles of atmospheric science and modeling to the analysis of the atmospheric datasets.


US Citizenship Required: No
Active Clearance or Background Investigation Required: No
Level Needed:

Team Information-

Targeted Students: Grad
Team Size: 1
Details: One graduate (MS, PhD) student should suffice. I reviewed the programs of each of the Captone UIX partners and none of those schools has an atmospheric sciences program. However, other university partners that I noticed on MITRE’s academic engagement web site such as Univ of Maryland, MIT and Purdue do have graduate programs/research in atmospheric sciences.

Specific Requirements-

Focus on Particular University: Yes
Details: University of Maryland


Focus Timeline: Yes
Details: FY2024


Potential Funding:Yes
Note: Availability of funds not guaranteed

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