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Mobile Aviation

MITRE is working with the FAA to prototype a system that uses System Wide Information Management (SWIM) data exchange methods.  We are working with the FAA to demonstrate these capabilities at airports across the NAS, enabling pilots to use mobile devices to obtain an IFR clearance, receive amendments, and exchange departure readiness and flight-specific constraint information.  These field demonstrations will help to mature the concepts, measure the benefits these capabilities provide, refine solutions, and investigate and mitigate implementation challenges.

Are You Ready?

The FAA is moving towards Time-Based Management (TBM) to enable Trajectory Based Operations (TBO).

What are TBM & TBO?

TBM uses up-to-date schedule data and sophisticated schedulers to more accurately schedule IFR flights to fly when and where the system can accomodate them.  TBO uses TBM and precision navigation to allow more flights to fly their desired routes.

What Does TBM mean to me?
  • A better idea of how you fit into the bigger picture
  • The ability to plan better and have more predictable operations
  • Improved FAA system performance
What is the challenge?

Achievable schedules require accurate departure times for all flights.  While most airlines provide updated departure times to the FAA, General Aviation (GA) pilots do not have the mechanism to provide updated departure time information.

Current Research Projects

Departure Readiness Information Exchange - Dallas and Las Vegas

Not all flight operators can electronically submit departure readiness information. Verbal methods are cumbersome, time-consuming, and often not used. Many scheduled commercial operators and some business aircraft operators provide departure readiness information to NAS systems using established electronic means. However, most of the GA community does not have a means to electronically submit the same information.

Using Mobile Technology to Increase NAS Efficiency & Predictability

As the FAA moves twoard predominent use of Time-Based Management (TBM) as part of enabling Trajectory Based Operations (TBO), more flights will be required to meet scheduled crossing times at certain locations along route.  Accurately meeting scheduled crossing times is critical to realizing TBO benefits.

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