Pacer in Las Vegas

Tower at McCarran Airport

Pacer’s Role

Nov. 2023 Update: New changes are coming that will link the Clark Co Dept. of Aviation (CCDOA) Prior Permission Required (PPR) reservation system with Pacer. After the integration (around Nov. 13). Pacer users can link to their flight in Pacer and provide expected departure time updates. These updates will help all Pacer users, the CCDOA, and ATC to maintain a greater awareness of departure demand.

The Pacer story in Las Vegas begins with a major sporting event in Las Vegas in 2017. The day after the event, many GA operators tried to leave around the same time, causing major surface congestion and causing ramp space issues. Air traffic control didn’t have advance notice of GA demand which made it challenging for the traffic manager to strategically manage departure resources. This event prompted the airport authority to develop a departure demand tool, which was eventually replaced by Pacer.

Pacer in Las Vegas aims to give pilots and traffic managers a view into departure demand, especially during major events. This allows users to see a more complete picture of demand, helping everyone involved (FAA, pilots, airport) make more informed decisions. Pacer is available at McCarran International and Henderson Executive in the Las Vegas area.

Next Event

Pacer now deployed to ski country.

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