Greenhouse Gas Emissions

MITRE takes a data-driven, systems-focused approach to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. To assess our operations, measure our sustainability impact, and identify opportunities to improve, we leveraged that same approach to establish a baseline inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. 

To hold ourselves accountable to improve on this baseline and fulfill our obligations as a federal contractor, MITRE disclosed our greenhouse gas emissions to the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) for the first time in July 2022. Going forward, MITRE will disclose emissions annually to meet these requirements and demonstrate our internal commitment to improvement.

In developing this baseline greenhouse gas inventory, the Sustainability MIP team gathered information and data on company facilities and leased assets (such as energy use, water use, and waste); transportation; employee travel for commuting and business purposes; work from home data; capital goods; and procurement practices. This data was used to estimate MITRE’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions for 2021.

The greenhouse gas inventory was developed using a financial control approach—the data encompasses all operations that MITRE has financial control over. In addition to looking at Scope 1 emissions, which cover assets that MITRE directly owns or controls like boilers and furnaces, the inventory includes data on Scope 2 emissions, covering the generation of purchased electricity used in MITRE operations, and Scope 3 emissions, covering MITRE activities from sources we don’t own or control.