MITRE Telemedicine Innovation Challenge


On behalf of our Federal Sponsor, MITRE is hosting a Telemedicine Innovation Challenge for medical certification examinations. This is an opportunity for innovators including provider organizations and telemedicine vendors to demonstrate how telemedicine technologies can be used by a physician or other health care provider to conduct a standardized medical history and physical examination. Telemedicine technologies can include video conferencing and data transmission capabilities as well as medical devices and measurement apps. This innovation challenge will help our Federal Sponsor to evaluate opportunities for improving their methods used to conduct medical examinations.

Innovation Challenge Structure

The Challenge will consist of the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Health systems and telemedicine vendors will submit their telemedicine solution proposal to  The responses will be reviewed and a subgroup will be selected to advance to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 Selected participants will prepare a presentation/demonstration of their proposed solution.  Instructions and guidance are found below.  Participants will deliver their 45-minute presentations in a virtual format at the end of Stage 2.

Innovation Challenge Timing

The Challenge runs from November 2022 to March 2023.

  • Stage 1 will begin mid-November 2022.
  • Telemedicine solution proposals must be submitted by January 27, 2023
  • Respondents will be notified by February 6, 2023 if selected to advance to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 presentations will be scheduled between March 8, 2023 and March 16, 2023.


Please submit a detailed response (e.g., not standard marketing materials and general capability statements) that meet the objectives of the challenge using the Telemedicine Solution Proposal template. Include information on your organization’s prior experience, philosophy of care, and precise methods for achieving the objectives. Provide a notation in sections that are not applicable or intentionally skipped.

Proposal should not exceed 10 pages including appendices and attachments. Responses should be single-spaced in Times New Roman 11-point font.

Please submit your final responses to this innovation challenge no later than January 27, 2023 by 5:00 PM ET.

Submit responses electronically, as an email attachment with subject “Response MITRE Telemedicine Innovation Challenge: [Company Name]” to

Submit general questions relating to this challenge with subject “Question [subject]” via email to


The innovation challenge is for market research only and does not commit MITRE or its Federal sponsors to issue a solicitation, make an award, or pay any costs associated with responding to this innovation challenge. The information submitted in all responses will be utilized by MITRE to complete an environmental scan related to telemedicine capabilities, analyze responses, and advise MITRE’s Federal sponsors on related issues.  All information received in response to the innovation challenge that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. All submitted information shall remain with MITRE and its Federal sponsors and will not be returned.