This Workshop will contain some Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) presentations, which will limit participation to U.S. citizens who are employees of the U.S. Federal Government or its contractors (C), or employees of the Department of Defense or its contractors (D). DoD common access cards (CAC), personal identity verification (PIV), or an active DD2345 Military Critical Technical Data Agreement, will be required to enter designated CUI breakout rooms.

Agenda Legend

Approved for Public Release Available virtually. Link will be provided via email for virtual sessions.

CAC or PIV card required CUI presentations.

Approved for Public Release / CAC or PIV card required Room transitions from Public Release to CUI presentations.

DAY 1: Tuesday 27 June – Foundations

0800-0915 - Event check-in

Room 1202

0915-0920 – IDA Welcome and Logistics
Dr. John Hong, Assistant Director, Institute for Defense Analyses

0920-1000 – T&E as a Continuum: Enabled by Model-based Engineering
Mr. Christopher C. Collins, Executive Director, Developmental Test, Evaluation, and Assessments

1000-1030 – Interactive: Welcome to Connect the Dots (No Virtual)

1030-1100 – Keynote: Effective Digital Engineering Begins with a Closed Loop Process
Ms. Robin Yeman

1100-1200 – Interactive: Meet & Greet to Solve Community Problems (No Virtual)

1200-1230 – Acceleration via Models
Mr. Daniel Hettema, D, DEM&S, OUSD R&E

1230-1330 – Lunch

1330-1400 – Digital Engineering/Digital Transformation Acquisition Lifecycle Roadmap
Maj CJ Werner, Digital Life Cycle Management, Space Systems Command

1405-1435 – Capture of Structured Data with Human-in-the-Loop AI from Acquisition Documents for Test & Evaluation, read abstract
Dr. Amit Juneja, Agile Data Decisions, Inc.

1440-1510 – Recommendations for Statistical Analysis of Modeling and Simulation Environment Outputs
Curtis G. Miller, PhD, STAT COE

1510-1525 – Break

1525-1555 – No Session

1600-1705 – Panel Discussion: Positioning Test and Evaluation for the Digital Paradigm
Kelli Esser, PhD, Virginia Tech National Security Institute

Room 1203


1330-1400 – Introduction to The Model-Based Definition Digital Thread, read abstract
Ryan Gelotte, JHUAPL

1405-1435 – Issues of Terminology in Digital Engineering, read abstract
Phil Meade, Institute for Defense Analyses

1440-1510 – Sensor Emulation and Synthetic Data Generation, read abstract
John E. Ploschnitzig, Ansys Government Initiative

1510-1525 – Break

1525-1555 – Data-Driven Test and Evaluation, read abstract
Steven H. Dam, Ph.D., SPEC Innovations

1600-1630 – Digital Engineering is more than just tools – A tool vendor’s perspective, read abstract
Andy Ko, Ansys

1635-1705 – Digital Mission Engineering (DME) – From Concept through Sustainment, read abstract
Whitney Bobbitt, Director of Business Development, Ansys

Rooms 1306 & 1308



1330-1400 – Cultivating Research and Development in the New Frontier:  Model-Based Systems Engineering for Space Vehicles (Distribution Statement C)
Capt Christopher Reed, USAF AFRL/RVES

1405-1435 – USSF Model-Based T&E Reference Model (Distribution Statement D)
Frederick Sexe, Frontier Technologies Inc., Command Test Authority;
Maj CJ Werner, Digital Life Cycle Management, Space Systems Command;
Faris Avdic, Axient Corp

1440-1510 – Test Mission Engineering Profile (Distribution Statement C)
Matthew Alexander, MITRE;
Tony Kubat, MITRE;
Dr. Jason Daly, MITRE

1510-1525 – Break

1525-1555 – ATEC Evaluation Framework (Distribution Statement C)
CPT Terrance Street, ATEC;
Davin O’Neill, MITRE

1600-1630 – David’s Sling System Engineering Modeling (Distribution Statement C)
Mike Denson, MDA/IPE

1635-1705 – Model-Based Approach to Automated Test and Analysis (Distribution Statement D)
Matthew Pillion, Chief Engineer, IDT Missile Defense Business Area;
Shawn Kline, Director, IDT Systems Engineering;
Dana Croce, MDA/AB;
Kurt Chewning, MDA/AB

DAY 2: Wednesday 28 June – Building on Foundations

0800-0930 - Event check-in

Room 1202

0930-1000 – TRMC Enterprise Infrastructure for MBSE and Digital Engineering
Ryan Norman, Chief Data Officer, TRMC

1005-1035 – Model Validation Levels for the T&E Continuum: Concepts and a Case Study, read abstract
Nicholas Jones, STAT COE

1040-1110 – Model Verification in a Digital Engineering Environment – An Operational Test Perspective, read abstract
Dr. Joanna Capp, Institute for Defense Analyses

1115-1145 – Automated Reasoning Technologies Will Enable a Correct-by-Construction Approach to Systems Engineering, read abstract
Raheel Mahmood, Sandia National Laboratories;
Jackson Mayo, Sandia National Laboratories;
Robert Armstrong, Sandia National Laboratories

1150-1220 – No session

1220-1320 – Lunch

1320-1450 – Interactive: Next Steps for Digital Engineering in T&E (No Virtual)

1450-1500 – Break

1500-1530 – Uncertainty Quantification and Fusion Model Calibration to increase accuracy and efficiency of T&E Resources, read abstract
Kishor Ramaswamy, Director Application Engineering (Optics), Ansys;
David Green
, Ansys;
Scott Granger, Ansys;
Kalyan Sharma, Ansys

1535-1605 – No Session

1610-1715 – Interactive: Joint Test Concept (No virtual), read abstract
Ms. Christina Houfek, Virginia Tech – Applied Research Corporation;
Dr. Maegen Nix, Virginia Tech – Applied Research Corporation

Room 1203

1005-1035 – Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability Digital Engineering Approach (Available virtually), read abstract
Sean Ricks, MITRE

1040-1110 – MBSE and DevSecOps Integration – T&E Challenges (Available virtually), read abstract
Dr. Than Lam, Professor of System Engineering-Digital, DAU;
Mr. Brian D. Kozola, DAU, Engineering & Technology Department;
Dr. James Roch, DAU, Engineering & Technology Department

1115-1220 – Panel Discussion: NAVAIR MBSE T&E Hack-a-thon (Available virtually)
Ken Senechal, NAVAIR Digital Transformation T&E Working Group Lead

1220-1320 – Lunch

Room transitions to CUI Presentations Only

No virtual

1450-1500 – Break 

1500-1530 – ATEC Enterprise Architecture (Distribution Statement C)
Brian Kelly, CDO, ATEC;
Davin O’Neill, MITRE

1535-1605 – ATEC Data Mesh (Distribution Statement C)
Brian Kelly, CDO, ATEC;
Davin O’Neill, MITRE

1610-1640 – Model-Based Test Engineering: Incorporating Test Engineering into the Digital Engineering Transformation (Distribution Statement D)
Maj Steven Wachtel, 780th Test Squadron;
Mr. Johnston Coil, LinQuest;
Mr. Robert Riley, AFRL/RQ

1645-1715 – Case Study: Test and Evaluation of Tactical Energy Management Controls for Navy Power and Energy Systems Based on Digital Twins (Distribution Statement D)
Philip Stone, Engineering Manager – Integer Technologies;
Josh Knight, Integer Technologies;
Dylan Temple, Integer Technologies

Rooms 1306 & 1308


1005-1035 – Challenges of a Paper-to-Digital Evolution toward Model-Based Cybersecurity T&E (Distribution Statement D)
Jacky Speck, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division

1040-1110 – Driving Innovation in Software Acquisition Pathway with MBSE (Distribution Statement C)
Maj Krista Roth, Chief Developmental Test SpaceC2 Program Office
Lt Col Jenny Ji, USSF, Operational Space C2

1115-1145 – Transformation to DevOps and DevSecOps in Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Systems (Distribution Statement D)
Michael Ryan, DevSecOps Lead, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division

1150-1220 – Gateway to Site Using Digital Engineering to Manage Public Private Partnerships (Distribution Statement C)
April Valdez, Air Force Research Laboratory

1220-1320 – Lunch

1450-1500 Break

1500-1530 – Remote Access to Tactical System of Systems in the Cloud (Distribution Statement D)
Scott Bindas, Innovative Defense Technologies, LLC;
Frank Monte, Innovative Defense Technologies, LLC

1535-1605 – Redstone Test Center’s Approach to Digital Engineering & LVC M&S In Support of Army Modernization (PM FLRAA/FARA) (Distribution Statement D)
Jeff Tolleson, Director, PeopleTec;
Will Harrell, Chief Technologist, Redstone Test Center

1610-1640 – A Model Based Test and Evaluation Master Plan (MBTEMP) approach for the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) (Distribution Statement D)
Mr. Jason Bigger, FLRAA PMO
Mr. George Michael Winter, MTSI supporting FLRAA PMO

1645-1715 – Measuring Operational Resilience Pilot (Distribution Statement D)
Peter Beling, Virginia Tech National Security Institute

DAY 3: Thursday 29 June – Action

0800-0915 - Event check-in

Room 1202

0915-0945 – Keynote: Exploring a Digital Twin Maturity Model and its Applications in Digital Engineering Practices
Paul Cummings, Ph.D, Chief Architect Unity Government & Aerospace, Unity Technologies;
Dan McConnell, Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton

0950-1020 – Benefits & Challenges of applying Digital Twins & Hybrid Analytics in Testing & Evaluation Programs, read abstract
Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay, Lead Chief Technologist, Ansys Inc.

1025-1055 – Virtualization of CONOPS Integrated HIL Testing for Aerospace Applications, read abstract
Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay, Lead Chief Technologist, Ansys Inc.
Shital Joshi, Sr. Director, Ansys Inc.
Nijas Kunju, Technology Lead, Ansys Inc.
Tarun Gupta, Chief Business Manager, National Instruments
Satya Gopal, Founder & CEO, Constelli Signals Pvt Ltd

1100-1130 – The Advanced Weapons Elevator Digital Twin, read abstract
Doug Mintz, Huntington Ingalls

1130-1150 – Interactive: Farewell and Gather Feedback

Room 1203


1005-1035 – ATEC Distributed LVC Test Environment for MDO Testing (Distribution Statement D)
Dr. Kenneth LeSueur, US Army Test & Evaluation Command

1040-1110 – Model-Based Development Activities in F-35 (Distribution Statement D)
Mark Pflanz, PhD, MBSE Lead, F-35

1115-1145 – F-35 M&S centered T&E (Distribution Statement D)
Ali Aldjaei, T&E Ground Test & Sim Strategy and Investment Lead, F-35


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