Pacer – Departure Readiness

Not all flight operators can electronically submit departure readiness information. Verbal methods are cumbersome, time-consuming, and often not used. Many scheduled commercial operators and some business aircraft operators provide departure readiness information to NAS systems using established electronic means. However, most of the GA community does not have a means to electronically submit the same information.
Use Pacer to submit your departure intent – the time you plan to taxi. Submitting departure intent helps provide a more accurate demand picture to all Pacer users.
How can GA pilots and the FAA use mobile technology to share departure readiness information?

Introducing Pacer

About Pacer

  • Scan QR code or visit
  • Register
  • Submit a departure time
  • View demand information
Pacer Benefits
  • Better awareness of busy departure times allowing you to be better informed and inform your customers as needed.
  • Notifications if your planned departure time is busier than originally expected, allowing you to adjust your departure time if desired.

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