Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collaborative (PHFIC)

Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collaborative

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PHFIC Technical Advisory Services

Office Hours

Every Wednesday from 12:00p­m–1:00pm ET

FHIR® Infrastructure &  Workflows Topics 

  • June 7: FHIR® Basics – FHIR® Architecture Design

  • June 14: Guest Speaker – Dylan Hall presents on Synthea

  • June 21: SMART on FHIR®

  • June 28: Guest Speaker – CDC Foundation presents on Bulk FHIR®

CDC PHFIC FHIR® Office Hours are open to CDC employees, their collaborative partners, and state, territorial, local, and tribal (STLT) health authorities.

Office Hours, workshops, and other FHIR® advisory services are facilitated by the Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collaborative (PHFIC) project.

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PHFIC hosted workshops for the STLT community to assist with their data modernization and FHIR® planning.

WS1 Date: Monday, February 7, 2022
Applying FHIR® to STLT Public Health

WS2 Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 
Conceptualizing FHIR®-Based Approaches to STLT Public Health Data Modernization: Understanding Technical Aspects of Adopting FHIR® for STLT Public Health

WS3 Date: Monday, June 6, 2022
Conceptualizing FHIR®-Based Approaches to STLT Public Health Data Modernization: Recognizing Policy and Community Supports for STLT Adoption of FHIR®

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