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Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collaborative

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Every Wednesday from 12:00p­m–1:00pm ET

FHIR® Infrastructure &  Workflows Topics 

  • November 1: Cancelled
  • November 8: Implementation Pilot: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
    • Death records exchange between the Virginia department of Health & Fairfax County Health Department
    • Virginia Department Of Health
      • Daniel McGowan, DMI Coordinator
      • Sara Gowda, HL7 Messaging Specialist
      • Viji Vadiv, Data Warehouse Developer
    • Fairfax County Health Department
      • Alida Laney, Data Analyst
      • Ben Klekamp, Epidemiology Manager
      • Noel Clarin, IT & Informatics Manager
  • November 15: Cancelled
  • November 22: Cancelled
  • November 29: Cancelled

With the turn of the government fiscal year approaching, the PHFIC team will take a hiatus. Though this pause does not impact the project’s overall goals, during this hiatus there will be a pause in organizing any further workshops and some office hours session will be cancelled while PHFIC’s CDC partners solidify topics and speakers.
The PHFIC team looks forward to engaging again when we return. 

If you have any questions for PHFIC during this hiatus, you are welcome to route those inquiries to CDC’s OPHDST email,

New Calendar Invite: A new calendar invite will be sent from the mailbox. The PHFIC Office Hours will still be held every Wednesday from 12pm–1pm Eastern with the same Zoom link. Please delete any old calendar invite for PHFIC Office Hours and accept the meeting series from the There will be no Office Hours July 5, 2023, so the new series will begin July 12, 2023.

CDC PHFIC FHIR Office Hours are open to CDC employees, their collaborative partners, and state, territorial, local, and tribal (STLT) health authorities.

Office Hours, workshops, and other FHIR advisory services are facilitated by the Public Health FHIR Implementation Collaborative (PHFIC) project.

Please email for the NEW Office Hours Zoom information that started on June 1, 2022.

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PHFIC hosted workshops for the STLT community to assist with their data modernization and FHIR planning.


FHIR 201: July 28, 2023
As a follow on to our FHIR 101 workshop, PHFIC is pleased to announce we will be offering a FHIR 201 workshop. This workshop will outline how organizations can identify optimum data exchange solutions, understand FHIR implementation guides, and design, develop and scale FHIR software. Participants from our FHIR 101 workshops and individuals with an introductory level of FHIR knowledge were encouraged to attend.

FHIR 101: June 23, 2023
On June 23rd, PHFIC reoffered our FHIR 101 workshop to assist public health in getting started with FHIR. The same resources from the April workshop were used including the slide deck and some informational one-pagers. These resources along with a recording of the April workshop are available for members of the CoP to access via SharePoint at the location: FHIR Training > 20230414 FHIR 101 Workshop. To sign up for SAMS access, please fill out the stay updated form.

FHIR 101: April 14, 2023
This workshop will provide a high-level overview of what FHIR is and how it works, targeting audiences who regularly need and use health data.


WS3: Monday, June 6, 2022
Conceptualizing FHIR-Based Approaches to STLT Public Health Data Modernization: Recognizing Policy and Community Supports for STLT Adoption of FHIR

WS2: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 
Conceptualizing FHIR-Based Approaches to STLT Public Health Data Modernization: Understanding Technical Aspects of Adopting FHIR for STLT Public Health

WS1: Monday, February 7, 2022
Applying FHIR to STLT Public Health

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