Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collabrorative

Workshops for Conceputalizing FHIR®-Based Approaches to STLT Public Data Modernization

CDC’s Public Health FHIR® Implementation Collaborative is hosting workshops for state, territorial, local, and tribal (STLT) public health informaticians to orient them to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource® (FHIR®) standard for health data exchange. FHIR® was developed by Health Level Seven (HL7®) to take advantage of modern, web-based technologies and could play an important role in STLT public health agencies’ efforts to modernize their data systems. 

Workshop 1

Applying FHIR® to STLT Public Health
Monday, February 7, 2022
2:30PM–4:30PM ET

Workshop Goals
Our Goal: Identify opportunities to apply FHIR® to state, territorial, local, and tribal (STLT) public health agencies’ needs.
What you will get out of this workshop:

  • More clarity on STLT agencies’ questions and concerns about FHIR®
  • STLT agency challenges that FHIR® could potentially solve
  • An exercise identifying building blocks needed to apply FHIR® to STLT agency scenarios
  • An opportunity to help shape the future of public health informatics

What is FHIR® & Why Should Public Health Care?

Video 1: Andy Gregorowicz, MITRE

Video 2: Dr. Jessica Skopac, MITRE

Workshop 2

Understanding Technical Aspects of Adopting FHIR® for STLT Public Health
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
2:00PM–4:30PM ET

This workshop will describe FHIR®, its technical underpinnings, and potential implications for STLT public health functions.

Topics include:

  • Origins of the FHIR® standard 
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 
  • FHIR® technical specifications including resources and implementation guides 
  • Considerations for STLT information technology infrastructure and FHIR®-based data exchange with partners 
  • Demonstrations for accessing data on a FHIR® server 

Video 1: Introduction & PHFIC Background – Jim Jellison, MITRE

Video 2: FHIR® Background – Dr. Eric Whitebay, MITRE

Video 3: FHIR® Basics – Dr. Eric Whitebay, MITRE

Video 4: FHIR® & STLT Agency Infrastructure – Jim Jellison, MITRE

Video 5: Technical Specifications – Dr. Eric Whitebay, MITRE

Workshop 3

Recognizing Policy and Community Supports for STLT Adoption of FHIR®
Monday, June 6, 2022
2:00PM–4:30PM ET

This workshop will describe federal policies and efforts by the health information technology community for accelerating the adoption of FHIR®. Impacts on public health practice will be explored and a panel of STLT FHIR implementers will describe their work.

Topics include:

  • 21st Century Cures Act
  • Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA)
  • Shared Tools, Intermediaries, and Platforms
  • Briefings from invited guests representing:
    • HL7® and the FHIR® community
    • STLT FHIR® implementations for situational awareness, vaccination verification, and vital records

Video 1: HL7® & FHIR® Developers Community – Dr. Viet Nguyen, HL7®

Video 2: Policies Supporting FHIR® Kathy Mikk & Dr. Marc Hadley, MITRE

Video 3: Shared Tools, Intermediaries, Platforms – Jim Jellison & Dr. Marc Hadley, MITRE

Panel Presentations

Video 4: Vital Records – Doug Wheeler, MN DOH

Video 5: Situational Awareness – Keith Boone, Audacious Inquiry

Video 6: Vaccination Verification – Dr. Bryant Karras & Jeff Chorath, WA DOH