Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Playbook For?

The playbook was developed with public health communicators in mind. In particular, the playbook aims to aid communicators working in state and local health departments as you plan strategies to reach your communities.

Others may also find the playbook helpful, including:

  • Frontline healthcare providers
  • Hospital/health system administrators
  • State and local public information officers
  • Others who support communicating with the public

Why was this Playbook Developed?

Timely, accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine is critical to ensuring that communities get vaccinated. However many factors interfere with this process, not the least of which is the rise in the use of social media to spread mis/disinformation, both inadvertently and intentionally. This playbook provides tools and tips to combat mis/disinformation. Additionally, while other resources exist to aid in health communication strategy, this playbook is focused squarely on COVID-19 vaccine and, importantly, on bolstering equity by enhancing communication with vulnerable communities.

Who Developed the Playbook?

The Playbook was developed by health communication scientists at the MITRE Corporation, drawing on internal and external resources and best practices. Our hope is that the Playbook helps our fellow health communicators working in the field to address COVID-19 vaccine mis/disinformation.