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SQUINT™, a free-to-the-public social media crowd-sourcing app, provides a fast, reliable way to report and counter mis/disinformation that could keep the public from getting the correct information. SQUINT allows crowd sourced users to report on dis/misinformation and receive rapid alerts on emerging hot topics and topic decline. SQUINT can help state and county officials maintain public trust and confidence in their efforts to battle COVID-19. SQUINT analytics provide a broad analysis of what’s happening in a jurisdiction and across the national landscape.

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Crowd-sourced SQUINTs are used to generate quick-turnaround reports known as SQUINTSTAGRAMs that identify misinformation, provide the correct information, and provide recommendations for public health officials for communicating the correct information.

Become a SQUINTer

SQUINT™ is a crowdsourced misinformation identification program, and is stronger with you in the crowd. SQUINT is an app that empowers you to share misinformation whenever and wherever you see it. SQUINTers can choose to submit misinformation as well as receive SQUINTSTAGRAM™ rapid alerts as soon as they come out.

To become a SQUINTer, send an email to

Jot down social media narratives that may be impacting your community. Then visit the next section, Audience Analysis, to gather more context for your communication efforts.